Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final Project Part 3

Pokemon Cards:

My most successful project was my Photoshopped Pokemon Cards. This was actually one of my first projects but also one of my best. This was a original work of mine, my unique idea was to put myself in a scene of Spongebob, but I needed something else that could go with these, so I put them in Pokemon cards. My source of inspiration was my childhood obsessions of both Spongebob and Poke-Mon, in that I always wanted to be in a episode of Spongebob or a Pokemon card, Now I'm in both. I also developed my art making skills because this was my first project in Photoshop and it helped me learn the basics of it. This let me gain skill with Photoshop that I've used in my other projects.

Canvas Painting:

I would want to do-over this project for a few reasons. One is that I had trouble with the gradient on the sky, it took me four times to redo it and i still didn't do that good of a job with it. Another reason is that I didn't paint in the Moon and the stars very well and I would like to redo that. The last is that I had not made the foreground the why I wanted. I had first planned to have the trees a little farther away from the dog and to paint in moose in the trees. But I had ended up running out of time for me to do that. Because of these reasons and more, this is my choice if I were to red any of my projects.

Final Project Part 2

Animated Halo Emblem:

"How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?"
I put my own unique ideas by using my own Halo emblem to animate, and the background I used was part of
 a picture I had already made earlier in the year.

"Did you use a source for inspiration, then combine it with your own ideas to make it original?"
My source of inspiration was my Halo Emblem, I had always wanted to put it in one of my Art projects and I had finally thought of a idea that would let me use it when I made this.

Final Exam Part 1

Morgan Freeman Post-it Note:

Technology had played a big role in this piece of art. This project was to make a large post-it note painting  to hang in the hall. Without Photoshop, we wouldn't be able to make this because in order to make the painting, we had to first find a picture of Morgan Freeman and then pixelize it and add the color scheme of Post-it note colors so we could map out where to put the Post-it notes on the paper. So if we didn't have technology we wouldn't be able to make this art because it was so much based on technology.


Art helped play a big role in making this technological piece. This project was to splice two animals together by taking parts from one animal to another. I chose to do a Bison with a Proboscis Monkey's head. Without the photography art, I couldn't be able to find the pictures i needed to make this. So without Art, we couldn't be able to make this amazing technological picture.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Superhero Mashup

For this, mashed up Mickey Mouse and Deadpool to make an awesome new superhero.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Movie Parody

For this, I made a parody of Red vs Blue, by making the poster for Rage vs Meme.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


For this, I had to animate a picture, so I animated my Halo Emblem

Literal Meanings Part 2

Here are my other literal meaning photos



 Carpet Bagger